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I’ve been working as an artist since I was 8 and have always been fascinated by the realm of art and the beauties it holds. This was one of my dark times and in that moment she just spoke to me through a song from the suicide squad gansta lol. I had no purpose just a brush driven by madness with one goal in mind.. go batshit crazy and just let it aaaaaallllllll OUT! Turns out.. despite that madness consuming me from the inside I found out it’s still beautiful to others lol if that makes sense~ Anywho, Calypso is a being on a whole netherworld of some sort cuz she eluded me till the bitter end like all the others I suppose 😒😭 when we wuz togetha we had a thang you and me..                                 TBC😨😱👀


Madam Red Skullz

Guess what I am while enjoying the pleasantries a good mystery often brings


Featured Work

What I Do Best

Heeey MD Red here to formerly welcome and thank you to the show&tell (possibly buy lol) our soulful SoulCreations. "What I Do Best?" Baby anything I do brings life to your life. Everything is custom made, and you WILL NOT for those in the back, find any such as mine. I touch and life comes out from the tip of my fingertips onto any canvas of my choosing and apparently living as well lol. I've always been a healer, and just going through life has enhanced those abilities in enriching others' lives. I can't layout a whole detailed report on why I do things the way that it is done, and simply being myself and being free to do what my nature sense and knows, is connection through art. Be it music, telling short stories here and there, they enjoyed it of course, but I became the ripple effect in each and everyone's life for the better. I  mean life changing, or as my mom once said to me early in the morning for a doctors appointment she didn't have " You neeeeed to get your shit together!!" points finger at me all accusing like "I gotta go see Kevind" type of life changing events. I've woken up the dormant souls by sharing my gifts willingly, and it brings out the best in them in return. I first really started to notice it with a resident I once cared for. For rights purposes I shall call her Ruby. Ruby was my heart. I was, once again in a dark mind of space do to circumstances with living life, having a once strong and mighty mother being riddled by an unforeseen threat in her body.. Just that overall feeling of the weight of the world on my shoulders, as a now young adult entering into society I backed away from art and the likes completely. I couldn't focus with all the loud noises blaring in my head. But Miss Ruby helped me too. Me wanting connect using art and help her helped shaken up my sleeping soul a bit haha oooh the irony. The healer being healed while healing ugh it was just too much. I loved this ol woman to bits, and every time we would have our lil get together makeshift crafts. I'd try to get her to draw a plant or something and here she is drawing me. Each and every time too! I mean here we are, one nut job and both losing their minds, and she never could remember my name. But one things for certain, I had adapted the name by pretty girl with pretty hair and smile and for my  cocktails I made her for noon. Jack Daniels on the rocks with half water. She was my best friend and mentor. She gave me couple pointers on some things including a light to my path. Well as months goes by, I meet her son and his wife during our lil shindig. It wasn't until this moment that my normal self was perhaps a life changing occurrence for her. Long story short Ms Ruby hadn't only lost her mind literally, but this whole time she'd been talking to her son about me. Not to mention she hadn't painted in over 28 years!? I had no clue. Here we are, coloring away with pastel color pencils in a coloring book giggling and singing together. That's when I knew.. I gots the goods. SO! There's plenty more of the healing adventures with art. But I'll save that for later in the updated blogs ;) But hey! Take a look and enjoy  our SoulCreations individual wonders. And be warned!!! They all have minds of their own.



Thoughtfully Designed

Wicked. As the name suggests, i gave my creator a wickedly hard time during the process. But I suppose she did an alright  job convey such raw feelings such as mine. With my wavy curves, be sure to not get totally lost in the deep waves and currents I bring. I was born in the  spirits of the trick and treater, a jester of sorts if you will. I've embodied it well..Don't you agree?

The Eye of Horus 

Creative Concoction

I was sprung out of both pain and wisdom.

Tree in the Meadows

Art that speaks to the weary souls 

With each project I’m involved in, I see to it that it’s undertaken efficiently — from the initial brainstorming session and first rounds of sketches all the way to the final details. With this piece, I knew the client I was collaborating with wanted something that would leave a lasting impression with the audience, and the end result did just that. I worked at an assisted living facility, and the arts director there wanted a painting of a regular tree for all the female residents including memory care residents join in on a sort of special legacy trail for Mother’s Day. I left the background blank for the sole purpose of it being filled with fingerprints from the ladies 😏 haha but it looks just as good as is 🤔 subscribe and tell me what you think 😁

What am I?

Thoughtfully Designed and written 

This project is one of my favorites and working on it was a wonderfully memorable experience. Having always dreamed of becoming a professional artist and at times writer, I wanted this piece to portray something that couldn’t be described by paintings alone. After countless drafts and doubting myself, I was thrilled with the final outcome. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I did writing it! Here goes!!

 I am the after image cast by the whimsical whims of those I come across. I survive off the praises of others. I long for their approval. I can capture the attention of those that have met me, and inspire others to have more like me. People are always trying to capture me for their own personal gain, and often, I am tossed aside a 'has been' of what used to be or, perhaps, locked away in a cage-like frame on display for others' entertainment. I can bend, shape, and mold myself to meet the needs and demands of my partner, and try hardest to satisfy them. I can have whatever face I choose, and become whatever I want. It all depends on whom I'm around. My images are ever changing, and vibrant with life and color. I have no boundaries.

I have never thought of my existence as meaningless or even pitiful, because I knew that one day I would meet that special someone that would turn this colorless life into something amazing. I may not be as good as a puppet or a doll, but at least I can show the world just how wonderful my partner truly was. We made history together, you and I, a wonderful team indeed. I will forever be grateful to you. That is why, when the time comes for us to part, it'll be unbearable.

And so, to make sure that this fateful meeting will never fade nor be forgotten, I want you to engrave yourself unto my body so that I may show the world what we created. That way, even when I am with others, your name will be riveted and be at the tip of everyone's tongue. Your will is my freedom, and my freedom is your fame, your fortune, and happiness. 

And so I ask you, What am I? 

Ps the answer is blank canvas! Comment on my blog to let me know what you guessed and/or why :)


Contact Me

Thanks for your interest in my work as a professional Artist and Animator. For any inquiries, commission requests, or studio visits, please contact me and I’ll be happy to assist you.

Austin, TX, USA




A Talented Animator and Artist

It has been a childhood dream of mine to become a professional Animator and Artist. Since 2000 I’ve been fortunate to have had many opportunities to craft my own personal animations and to learn from some of the top artists in Austin, Texas. Check out some of the projects I’ve been involved with and see how you can benefit from my creative and healing techniques at work. I have healed fellow artists whom haven't been in the art world for 28 and 38 years! I've made groundbreaking breakthroughs with the troubled minds of adolescents going through the woes of life. Divorce, maturing stages, the disabled, elderly, folks with Alzheimers and more! One thing we all had in common, was feeling the rush in life and just needing to break free and releasing some much needed steam out on the canvas, or simply having the means to having a reachable voice. My goal and wish is to reach out to those whose souls have been "lost in translation" and teach other positive methods of connecting not only with others, but with themselves. My works are generally abstract, but it's always fun seeing them molding into their own frame. It's a neverending adventure with these guys!